Nonprofit Encourages Summer Help for the Homeless

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With the summer season just around the corner area homeless are preparing to brave the heat without access to air conditioning.

While many people think about giving to the homeless during the winter months, often donating gloves, blankets and coats, local advocates say summer is also a tough time  with high heat and mosquitoes making it unbearable.

 Aaron Reddin of The One, Inc., has been working to improve the lives of the homeless in Central Arkansas for years. He’s reminding people interested in giving this time of year that local homeless communities would appreciate  bug spray, sunscreen and bottled water. And because there is always a need for food, Reddin showed off his latest project, The Field.

After a couple of years of work they’re finally producing a variety of fruits and vegetables at no cost to un-sheltered homeless men and women. Like relief from the heat and bugs, homeless volunteers at The Field say the access to fresh food is refreshing.

“If you’ve spent anytime in Arkansas you know it’s crazy if you’re living out there 24/7 it’s brutal you can’t escape it,” Reddin says.

“It gives you hope to come out and work and come out and cook it. When you’re homeless it  means everything in the world,” Jeff McAfee says.

People can come and work for food from the garden or just pick it.  Reddin also makes deliveries to homeless camps across the area.

Reddin says unfortunately due to the heat, it’s not unusual to see at least one person die each summer. They’re asking people to consider donating bottled water, sunscreen and bug spray to help.

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