New Twist In Legal Case Against Grant County Sheriff

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“I really want to expedite this,” said Judge Chris Williams who is presiding over a the Grant County Courtroom Monday.

A special prosecutor began an investigation after it was determined Sheriff Ray Vance was charged with a misdemeanor in Kansas. Accused of lying on a hunting license application.

“As such he would need to be removed from elected office,” said Jack McQuary.

However the bombshell released Monday, the sheriff’s defense attorney is alleging Vance’s constitutional rights may not have been upheld during that conviction.

“I hate to use the word violated, but overlooked,” he said.

The Kansas court may have overlooked Vance waiving his right to an attorney.

If that was not done according to law, the conviction may not be upheld.

“As a prosecutor we not only look out for victim’s of states but also the rights of the defendants their rights have not been violated,” McQuary said.

He added that he’s obligated to make sure all the T’s are crossed before he moves forward.

“We kind of have to wait and see what Kansas does on this,” he said.

Barring what comes out of the Kansas decision, both sides have been asked to present their cases to the judge by a May 20th hearing.

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