Mom Pursues Justice 13 Years after LRPD Officer Shot, Killed Son

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – A mother is speaking out for the first time in more than a decade about the death her son at the hands of a Little Rock Police Officer.

This mom, the only witness to the crime at the time, is convinced it wasn’t justified.

Mary Rollins says it all went down in her salon. She says her son was unarmed and had not committed a crime.

She hopes that new attention to the case now, with help from the FBI which she’s reached out to, will finally bring justice for her son.

13 years later, recounting the steps that led to her son’s death is still painful for Mary.

“[The Officer] Pulled his gun out, he pointed straight at him and shot him twice,” showed Rollins.

The emotion is still raw today. 

“I was just in shock…. I just….”

In between sobs she takes a moment to remember the day her son was killed.

Showing stacks of crime scene evidence including an autopsy picture of her son Norman Rollins, for the first time since it happened in 2001 Mary talks publicly about what happened.

She says it helps.

“It’s the only way I can feel the relief sometimes talking about it,” cried Rollins.

The person inside her salon that shot Norman was a Little Rock Police Officer named Gary Smith who was on duty at the time.

Mary says her son took regular prescribed medication but hadn’t that day on April 14, 2001. She says she was locking Norman out of her salon that night to keep him away from her customers. When he wouldn’t leave one of her associates called Officer Smith personally to have him try and get Norman to go home.

When the officer arrived Mary said he started taking things too far. Mary says she saw the officer demanding Norman get into the back of a cop car she says Norman refused. She opened the door to the salon and Norman came in but the officer followed.

Mary says Smith hit Norman in the leg with a baton but before he could do it a second time, Norman grabbed the baton, threw it down and wrapped Smith in a bear hug. She says the both fell to a hair dryer seat facing out, Norman still holding Smith to keep him from hurting him any more.

According to KARK archives, in 2001 Little Rock Police said the officer shot and killed Norman after he tried to reach for the officer’s gun.

Mary says that’s not how it happened.

She says Norman eventually let go but when they both stood up, that’s when Smith shot him.

“And all I could do was just fall on the floor screaming and hollerin’ cause I wouldn’t have looked for him to do that,” Said Rollins.

After being placed on administrative leave and facing a jury in court, Smith was cleared of any wrong-doing.

Now more than a decade later, having relived the scene every day in the salon she still owns, Mary is convinced the shooting wasn’t justified.

“Only God knows how I’m gonna get justice for Norman cause he was murdered right here in this salon and I saw it,” explained Rollins.

According to the City of Little Rock Smith was terminated as an LRPD Officer January 18, 2013. City Human Resources says a disciplinary file on Smith included multiple cases dating back to 2003.

As Rollins tries to pursue this case we’ll keep you updated on any progress.

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