Mail Carriers Rally In LR For Six Day Delivery

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In February the Post Master general announced this possible move in order to cut the postal service’s spending.

These workers said what will start out as five days will be four then three then eventually none.

The President of the Arkansas Letter Carriers Association organized the rally in Little Roc but they’re happening across the country.

Letter carriers, their spouses, even concerned members of the public showed up and rallied together demanding Saturday delivery not be taken away.

“I’m here to save the Saturday day deliver,” said Angela Jones who has been a letter carrier in Pine Bluff for many years but said this is the first time she’s dabbled in demonstrating.

“This is my first rally,” she said. “It’s just good bz to keep it.”

Standing beside her fellow letter carriers and organizing directly in front of Little Rock’s main post office in the heart of the state’s capitol with the hopes that their chants won’t fall on deaf ears.

There is currently legislation in the house and senate to save six day delivery.

Organizers suggested writing your representatives if you feel strongly about the issue.

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