DHS: Nearly 50k Arkansans Enrolled in Private Option

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Although HealthCare.gov isn’t working as efficiently as officials hoped, the State of Arkansas doesn’t seem to be having a problem enrolling citizens in the Private Option.

According to the Ark. Department of Human Services (DHS), nearly 50,000 residents have selected or been assigned a private health insurance plan through the private option, which they say is the last step in the enrollment process.

“Arkansas is the first state in the country to use Medicaid funding to purchase insurance plans that are also available in the private marketplace,” Dr. Andy Allison, Director of Arkansas Medicaid said in a news release. “This approach will foster competition among carriers and provide health care to many people in our state for the first time.”

The Arkansas Private Option allows for the use of federal Medicaid funds to provide insurance-premium assistance to more than 200,000 Arkansans living near or below the Federal Poverty Line.

As part of the Natural State’s Health Insurance Marketplace, which became active Oct. 1, DHS reported receiving interest from more than 55,000 eligible Arkansans on Oct. 2.

To read the entire DHS news release and learn more about the Private Option, click here.

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