Despite Setback, Charity Continues To Save Animals

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Losing an expensive barn and much of the food they had for their animals.

However that did not stop them from stepping in when 10 horses needed rescuing.

The volunteers are helping rebuild the Faulkner County S.P.C.A. shelter that was ripped apart by severe weather.

As volunteers continue to work on the shelter, their services are needed elsewhere.

The Sheriff’s office came to them for help when nearly half a dozen horses need saving.

“These horses are just so bad off,” said the shelter’s manager Lydia Grier, “Not only do they need food because of the emiciation but they also need medical care.”

Many were close to death.

One suffered a broken leg another, that had just given birth, has a dislocated hip.

“They all have one issue or another,” said Grier.

Also seized was a loving pitt-bull now named ‘Blue’, who will deliver puppies soon.

“It’s beeen a little challanging,” said Grier.

Even faced with all the financial and structural set-backs, Grier said she never once considered saying no.

“You can’t really do that,” she said. “I mean, I can’t do that and our volunteers won’t do that. One way or another we’ll find a way.”

Once the animals recover they’ll be ready for adoption.

The owner of the animals is no longer in the picture according to Grier, he was deported and won’t face charges.

If you would like to help the cause do so by contacting Grier at Faulkner County SPCA 4 Gail Lane Conway, AR 72034.

Or by making donations to the associated farmers co-op 501-329-2971 or paypal

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