Crews Inspect Trees Ahead of Winter Weather

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Tree service crews say more Arkansans inspired by the winter storm of 2012 are requesting inspections of unhealthy trees ahead of significant weather events.

Tuesday, crews removed rotting tree limbs and possible hazards hanging over Lorance Drive.

“It really needed to be removed for safety of power lines and also just to not block a road,” says Matt Shaw.

Shaw, manager of Capital City Tree Service, says those things could happen if a strong storm swept through. He says his crews have been fielding more inspection requests from customers concerned about possible dangers since a major storm hit Arkansas on Christmas Day 2012.

“The disaster that happened on that, it was by far one of the toughest storms we ever worked,” he says.

The National Weather Service confirmed the storm dropped nine inches of snow in Pulaski County, toppling vulnerable trees, blocking roads and leaving nearly 200,000 Entergy customers without power.

“A lot of people just seeing it, realizing all the damage a tree can do when they fall on a house or a vehicle,” Shaw says.

Before trees fall, Shaw says vulnerable trees usually show signs of distress, fungus or discoloration. After seeing similar symptoms on the tree outside their business, Shaw did his part to protect people by cutting it down before a storm could knock it down.

“You can never be too cautious, trees do a lot of damage you never know what will happen,” he says.

In addition to dying trees, experts say you should also look for tree limbs hanging over power lines or the road.

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