Couple Finds New Home In Cabot After Being Abandoned

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Now, they say, they finally feel like they found their home.

Customers at the Days Inn of Cabot don’t seem to mind the hotel’s new mascot Buster.

The front desk he crawls across is the same one where his owner quietly admitted to the hotel’s assistant manager, Sarah Baty, that they needed help.

“I hear that a lot at hotels,” Baty said. “There’s always someone looking for a handout or wanting a free room.”

As a recovering addict Baty said she’s always skeptical of people asking for anything, but that she quickly realized that wasn’t the case here.

“Suddenly we were without a home and without a job all at the same time,” said Merri Ward.

She, Carl and Buster drove across the country for Carl’s work as a truck driver.

Before last week his truck broke down and the company towed the truck back to Dallas.

“They left their wedding rings in the truck they didn’t realize they were being abandoned,” said Baty.

Something in Sarah made her want to step in to help the couple.

So she posted their story to Facebook where the response was overwhelming.

“I mean just boom boom boom,” she said.

People brought in groceries and dog food. One person picked Carl up so he could earn money doing day labor.

“One woman said she found a $20 bill at Sonic and was waiting on God to show her what to do and just handed it to them,” Baty said.

When they heard about our story a salon even gave Merri a free hair cut.

“Ya’ll are a wonderful group of people,” said Carl. “I’m glad God put me in your life.”

The couple said more than just saying thank you, they want to give something back.

“We’ve been out for so long without a place to actually belong to we actually want to stay here and give back to the community,” said Merri. “It feels like home.”

“It’s really cool what God can do when you’re sincere at heart,” said Baty.

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