Beer Enthusiasts Hopping into New Venture

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – “Once inspections are out of the way we’re shooting for the end of the month,” said Theron Cash, who is one of the partners.

“We’re all still homebrewers at heart,” he said. “This is just like a home brew set-up just with a bigger pot.”

The stainless steel fermenters are already in place and there’s even a name and logo, Stone Throw’s Brewery.

“It’s pretty much just a stone’s throw from home brewing is what we’re going for,” Cash said.

Ian Beard, also a partner, is also a beer-enthusiast.

“We’ll have some watermelon, chipotle peppers,” said Beard.

But these guys have more than just each other in their corner, they have this secret weapon.

“Kickstarter was a great way to raise more funding but also get our name out there,” said Beard.

Through the website, backers were able to contribute to the cause.

Giving roughly $50 dollars each, with 270 of them, it quickly added up.

“That’s 270 who will be rooting for us, coming for a beer, and that will be our supporters along the way,” said Beard.

Giving more than just their money, but investing in the idea these guys had.

“There will be a lot of styles we plan on making that are hard to find in Arkansas,” he said.

Bringing their own unique brews to downtown Little Rock.

If you would like to contribute to Stone’s Throw, click here.

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