Aunt Believes LR Road Rage Killing Suspect Acted in Self Defense

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LITTLE ROCK, AR — Family members of both the victim and suspect from a violent road rage shooting spoke out Sunday. The incident left a father dead and a local college student charged with first-degree murder.
It happened early Saturday afternoon near the intersection of Sixth and Ferry Streets in Little Rock.

Too young to fully understand what’s happened, Kylin Aldridge, 4, played in the yard while his uncle described a tragedy.

“I lost my brother,” said Eddie Aldridge. “He has a 4-year-old son. I have to explain to him why his father got killed for no reason.”

Kylin was riding in a car Saturday with his father, Arista Aldridge, when the 45-year-old truck driver began to argue with a 28-year-old UALR student named Chris Schnarr.

“They were driving and this guy cut him off,” said Eddie Aldridge, who wasn’t there himself but got the story from his brother’s fiancee who was also in the car with the father and son.

“My brother got out of the car and approached him. They had words and the guy apparently pulled out a gun and shot him in the shoulder. My brother dropped and he shot him again in the chest.”

Schnarr was being held at the Pulaski County jail Sunday night on no bond.

“Totally in shock,” said Schnarr’s aunt, Judy Seigrist, of her reaction to hearing what had happened.

She hasn’t been able to speak with Schnarr since the incident, but she’s lived next to her nephew his entire life.

“He is just an extremely good kid, has always been, never been in any trouble,” she said.  “Something must have scared him so bad that he thought ‘this is the only way I can defend myself.'”

But when asked whether his brother would have threatened to harm Schnarr, Eddie Aldridge said he wasn’t a violent person.

“He was just fun loving, liked to have a good time,” he said.

It’s clear both families are searching for answers as the quest for justice begins.

Schnarr is scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in a Little Rock courtroom.

Meanwhile, relatives of Arista Aldridge are trying to comfort a child.

“He told me that he saw someone shoot his daddy,” Eddie Aldridge said of his conversation with little Kylin.

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