FORDYCE, Ark.- An anonymous phone call sheds new light in the case of a missing Fordyce mother of seven.

A missing person poster greets customers at Red’s restaurant in Fordyce on Thursday. One customer, Lawana Smith, couldn’t help but notice it.

“There are several around town,” Smith says.

Five-foot-eight. Red hair. Blue eyes. Those are features of 31-year-old Jamie Brown that nobody has seen since March of 2016.

“My wife and I been talking and we said we hope nothing bad had happened to her,” Silas Warner says. Warner is the grandfather to four of Jamie’s seven children. This Friday marks two years since he’s seen her.

“When someone that has made contact with you constantly doesn’t make contact usually that means that they can’t make contact, one way or another,” Warner says.

Fordyce police say Jamie’s case ramped up about a month ago after an anonymous caller suggested foul play, according to sources. After that phone call, Fordyce police enlisted the help of state police.

Lead investigator Bryce McKinney with Fordyce PD  finds himself re-tracing his steps.

“Have you missed an angle? Is there maybe somebody else that you can talk to?” McKinney says.

Jamie’s Facebook page shows no public activity since July 2015. It shows a photo with a caption that reads in part, “I’m healthy and breathing…I never take life for granted.”

“I’m hoping that at least there’s an effort for closure and evidence that will come forth that will let us know whether she is alive or not alive,” Warner says.

Back at the restaurant, it’s a situation that continues to cook up concern across the usually quiet town. Thirty-year resident Smith adds: “It’s not common for Dallas county to have people come up missing.”

Fordyce police say that Jamie is known to have a drug problem. Anyone who knows where Jamie might be is urged to call the Fordyce Police Department at 870-352-2178.