CONWAY, Ark. — A dog shot late last week in Pulaski Co. survived and is recovering thanks to two people who stepped in to help.

“Lieutenant Dan” is a black lab that was found in Scott with multiple gunshot wounds, including one in his right paw and left leg.

Susan Shaddox is the Vice President for “Last Chance Arkansas,” an animal rescue group that works with dogs in critical condition. She said the county called after finding the dog in Scott.

“They had a dog that was severely injured, had gunshot wounds from a not-so-good part of town,” Shaddox said. “This is just an exceptional dog. He’s just been so resilient through this whole process.”

Shaddox called J.R. Willey, a man who fosters dogs and horses at his Conway home. The pair have worked together for the last 15 years to rescue countless animals in need.

“She called me immediately and kind of said, ‘the dog is on its way,'” Willey said. “It’s great.”

Willey said he’s unfortunately seen animals that’ve gone through similar situations as this dog.

“We’ve done this for many, many years,” Willey said. “From broken legs, to amputations, to heartworms to gunshots like Dan has.”

Now, the rescue group plans to put Dan through a Dept. of Corrections training program where he’ll learn a variety of skills that should translate to the real world.

“We can identify a place that he can help society the best,” Shaddox said.

Shaddox and Willey said Dan’s worth taking a chance on.

“Maybe he’ll just be in your home,” Shaddox said. “Maybe he’s your new best friend. I don’t know.”