911 director encourages Arkansans to make Smart911 profile


HARRISON, Ark. (KY3)– Smart 911 is not only helpful for dispatchers and first responders. The Boone County 911 director says it also could help save your life.

Without saying a word, you can now tell emergency dispatchers a lot.
“If it’s a medical call, we can share that information: what medications you’re on or equipment you use to help you breathe, with EMS,” said Daniel Bolen, the Boone County 911 director.

Smart911 is a free phone app and website where users can put in personal information like medications they’re on, where they live and who lives with them. So when you dial 911 dispatcher can see all of that.

You can even add information like the car you drive or if you have any pets.
“Smart 911 also integrates with Rapid SOS, so that gives us a very accurate and quick location on that caller,” said Rob Yarbrough, who works in mapping at the Boone County 911 center.

Dispatchers can also text the caller if he or she is unable to talk.
“If you’re hiding in your closet, we can tell them where you’re hiding at in the closet,” Bolen said. “You can tell us what floor you’re on.”

Even school districts are starting to sign up.

A recent update helps people get to safety during natural disasters or other emergencies.

“If we do an evacuation of a neighborhood and you didn’t have transportation, well we know this house we have to go to and give transportation,” Bolen said.

The 911 director believes it’s better to be smart than sorry and said if you can, sign up now.
To make a Smart911 profile, click here.

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