24-year-old Arkansas woman dies from undetected blood clots


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—A Central Arkansas mother is mourning the loss of her daughter after she died from undetected blood clots.

Hanna Clark, 24, was found in her apartment unable to communicate after suffering a stroke.

Now the family is hoping to raise awareness because doctors say what caused this went undetected for years.

“One day at a time, that’s all you can do,” said Meleia Clark, Hanna’s mother.

It has been a difficult few weeks following the loss of her daughter.

Hannah was a competitive dancer for most of her life. She was a former member of UALR’s dance team and even after graduation, the sport remained an important part of her life.

“The dance team at UALR is where she blossomed. She always loved dancing,” said Clark.

As picture-perfect as Hanna’s life appeared from the outside, her mother says she frequently experienced headaches. However, they figured it was due to her active lifestyle.

“She would go to the doctor, take some medicine, lay down and get over it,” recalled her mother.

She says they only found out what was truly wrong, after it was too late.

On January 11, 2021, Hanna was rushed to the hospital after having a stroke.

She was taken into surgery, where doctors discovered blood clots surrounding her brain, heart, and lungs. The family says medical experts believe the blood clots near her brain were the reason for her frequent headaches.

“I knew whenever they told me how bad it was, that I had to give her back to God,” cried Clark.

Two days after being admitted to the hospital, Hanna was pronounced dead, but her family says she will continue to live on as an organ donor.

“Dad said you know– make sure you let the recipients know that if they ever feel like randomly dancing– it’s Hanna,” said Jonna Manley, Hanna’s sister.

Her family says they find comfort knowing Hanna continues to shine her light and bring smiles to more families.

“She didn’t realize how many people she had touched and how many people knew her. It’s been overwhelming,” said Clark.

The family emphasizes the importance of getting regular check-ups and pressing your doctors for answers if something feels off in your body.

Cameron Kuhn, Hanna’s coach at UALR, shared the following statement:  “Hanna Clark was the athlete that every coach wanted. She was hardworking, positive, and always supportive of her fellow teammates. She embodied the Trojan spirit from the day she walked on the court until the day she walked across the graduation stage. Her presence and talent will be deeply missed, but will always be remembered and celebrated.”

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