Simplify and Wrap it Up, Arkansas!

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Shanon and Grayson Greer own Simplify and Wrap it Up in Arkansas, two businesses focused on simplifying people’s lives through organization, and are releasing a brand new guide to help others declutter, and streamline!

Right now, enter code “KARK” at, you can purchase the guide in either print or digital format for 20% off!

Shanon Greer started Simplify eight years ago our of a passion for helping friends organize their spaces. She can help with everything from home and office organization, relocations, downsizing, and medical and long-term care claim resolutions, and just to help calm the chaos and incorporate structure into daily life.

Grayson’s Wrap it up guide helps gather personal information into one place, bringing important passwords, medical records, and birth certificates into one central location.

The Wrap It Up guide is different from other resources on the market today because it’s a working tool. It is something you will access, as well as work in and out of on a consistent basis. Wrap It Up comes in a loose-leaf format allowing you to insert it into a binder and complete the 15 sections listed in the table of contents, as well as make copies of important documents. The guide is a central location for you to gather, record, preserve, and secure your vital information.

Again, visit and enter code “KARK” at checkout for a special 20% discount on the purchase of your guide.

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