Planning Retirement for your Teeth with Dunlap Dental

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1. Dental care isn’t covered by Medicare. Most people who have dental insurance are covered through their employers’ policies. Many of them are surprised to learn that, while they may be eligible for Medicare coverage, it doesn’t include dental care or maintenance. So that cost becomes a new out of pocket expense for their retirement years and needs to be planned for.

2. Dental care needs don’t suddenly stop for retirement. We’ve talked about the importance of good dental care in terms of overall health—the link between healthy gums and a healthy heart, for example—and that care is vital for keeping healthy at all stages of life.

3. Have a plan in place before you retire. Here’s another benefit to having a relationship with your dentist—they’re familiar with your needs. If you’re approaching retirement, start making dental coverage part of budgeting for it. Talk to your dentist about your situation and they can go over some options with you.

4. Five dental insurance details to focus on include
• Cost of premiums
• Procedures covered
• Deductible amount
• Waiting period and pre-existing condition rules
• Maximum benefit

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