Molly Maid: Furry Sofa or Pet Hair?

12:30 Features

Our pets are part of our family and just like all members of the family, they can make a mess. Here are our pro tips on how to clean up after doggo and co.


Use a rubber glove to collect and remove pet hair that keeps clinging to the sofa. Just put the glove on and run your hand over the furniture to remove the fur. Also, try magic erasers for the same result (which also works on lint as you run out the door).


Use a multi-purpose cleaner when cleaning crates. Bleach can be irritating to pets so be sure that it doesn’t hurt your pets. 


Use trash bags to line your litter boxes and make the emptying process a little easier. Stinky litter boxes can actually cause your cats to use the restroom elsewhere, which is even worse.


Sweeping only makes the situation worse, it just kicks the hair back in the air. Vacuum or use a microfiber mop. Pet hair can get stuck in the carpet fibers so use a squeegee to get the stuck hair out.


Never scrub the stain in. Blot the stain gently to remove the stain. It’s important to remove the smell (and doggo’s sense of smell is better than yours), if not they will repeat in the same spot. Avoid ammonia-based chemicals, which actually intensify the urine smell. Reach for the white vinegar and mix it with equal parts of water for a DIY cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide is also helpful in removing the scent of pet urine. Don’t overuse any chemical.

Last but not least, if you are totally grossed out, use baking soda on the spot and let it sit until dry. It should pull the urine and other, ahem, stuff right up and help dry the spot. Remove as much as possible by hand then vacuum the rest. Keep repeating until the baking soda doesn’t change colors. Always test an inconspicuous spot of your flooring before using any chemical.

For more tips and tricks, and to book a Molly Maid cleaning segment, you can do so on their website here! 

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