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501 LIFE is all about “Celebrating summer” with the June issue which is hitting the streets.

2 – Neighbors

As we kick off summer, we are mindful that safety is of the utmost importance around water. In this edition, Melanie Brindley shares her very personal story of how drowning has touched her family.

In 2003, she and her husband Ken along with their two children were on vacation in Florida when a 12-year-old boy and his boogie board were taken seaward by rough water conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. Ken swam out to the boy, who was saved but Ken and the boy’s father died from drowning.

Melanie describes drowning as a world health epidemic that doesn’t discriminate for age, race or economics. She has become an active water safety advocate and most recently created the Ken Brindley Memorial Foundation to help others avoid the heartache when a loved one dies from drowning.

Questions for Melanie:

What is the purpose of the Foundation/activities that are being considered?

Explain “layers of protection”?

What do you want Arkansans to know about drowning and water safety?

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