This in an archive story from previous Lone Star NYE! broadcasts. Be sure to tune into Lone Star NYE Live! on December 31 as we count down to the end of 2021 — and say “hello” to 2022!

DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — With many people choosing to ring in the new year at home this year, Lone Star NYE 2021 will be providing some entertainment with two musical performances from native Texans.

One of them, Ryan Berg, competed on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ this season. To ensure all COVID-19 precaution protocols could be followed, the performances were pre-taped with no live audience.

“We are here at the Bomb Factory here in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. We’re getting ready to shoot for the Lone Star New Year’s Eve 2021,” Berg said as he took us behind the scenes, telling us how he felt about performing to an empty music hall.

He grew up watching and admiring some of his favorite musicians at the Bomb Factory, so even without an audience, he was still excited.

“I’ve seen so many artists that I really, really look up to stand on this stage. So I am so excited right now to share that stage as well,” Berg explained.

He said he’s upping his energy to make up for the lack of people physically there.

“There’s absolutely no one here right now. We’re kind of having to use our imaginations and — and try to get that energy up for — for no one in the crowd,” Berg explained.

It’s also not his first time performing to an empty music hall.

“After being on The Voice, I feel like I’m somewhat prepared for that, for the virtual audience type atmosphere. But everyone here is social distancing. They’re all masked up. We’re all being safe,” Berg explained, adding that similar COVID-19 precautions were followed during his time on The Voice this season, too.

He’s excited to bring a little joy into homes across the state on New Year’s Eve.

“I know that you guys will be watching and you’ll be at home sharing and we’ll use our imaginations — that’s what we’re the best at doing,” Berg said.

His biggest fan will be watching from home, too: his mom.

“Absolutely, she always tunes in,” Berg added.