Old ordinance banning dogs from parks sparks new debate


SEARCY, Ark.- An 18 year old ordinance is stirring up new controversy in Searcy.

The law says dogs are not allowed in parks. Back then Facebook wasn’t around and there wasn’t a whole lot of backlash, but now it’s a different story.

“I brought my dog here for 7 years at least twice a week,” says Bradley Stovall.

Stovall says he never knew dogs weren’t allowed in parks.

The conversation sparked on Facebook after someone posted about not being able to bring their dog to the park. Several people chimed in about their frustrations with the law.

“At the time people were bringing all breeds of dogs to the park and we had numerous complaints of vicious dogs being in parks,” says Searcy mayor, Kyle Osborne.

Mayor Osborne says the ordinance is to keep people safe and the parks clean. He says the city has a dog park where people can take their four legged friends, but people like Stovall say it isn’t enough.

“There’s nothing out there for them,” says Stovall, “no equipment to play on. Just a bench for you to sit on.”

Mayor Osborne says the city is looking at relocating and expanding the park but nothing is on the table yet.

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