Health Matters: Doctor’s advice for AFib patients

Health Matters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Doctors are cautioning people with an irregular heartbeat before they do any traveling this summer.

Patients with AFib are advised to follow the advice to avoid complications.

First and foremost is to make sure your condition is well-controlled.

“AFib, sometimes your heart rate could be really fast so you want to make sure that you’re on appropriate medication,” says Monica Lo, Cardiac Electrophysiologist with Arkansas Heart Hospital.

Dr. Lo says people often indulge a lot on vacation and forget they have a chronic medical condition.

There have been cases where people with AFib forget their medication, or ditch it all together when they start feeling better.

“That’s when we see people get into trouble. They have to present to the emergency room or they get severe shortness of breath, lower extremities swelling,” she explains.

Chest pressure and dizziness are also some common signs.

At the Arkansas Heart Hospital, Dr. Lo says doctors are ready to meet with patients before their break.

Whether it’s by car, train or plane, some other factors need to be considered.

“With AFib, you’re at a higher risk for clotting. So just always remember, if you’re traveling by car, possibly stopping every hour so walk around,” advises Dr. Lo.

And if you’re in the skies, she suggests every 30 minutes.

Just taking these extra precautions to protect your health can make a difference wherever your next trip takes you.

Experts suggest meeting with your doctor to make sure you’re prepared for vacation.

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