NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – After a near brush with death, North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman is on the road to recovery following a major heart attack.

From the bike to the treadmill, Officer Tommy Norman goes through a Cardiac Rehab program at Baptist Health in North Little Rock.

“It combines exercise training, nutrition, counseling and support all geared towards heart-healthy lifestyle changes,” Baptist Health Cardiac Rehab Program Leader Katie Bolton said.

Bolton said a team of nurses, exercise physiologists and dietitians work together on the treatment plan.

“The main goal is improving cardiovascular health as well, or in Tommy’s case returning him back to serving and protecting our county,” Bolton said.

Each visit, his team hooks him up to a heart monitor and puts him through various exercises. Each session is tracked and recorded.

“That goes to the cardiologist for review,” Bolton said.

From the diet plan to the team cheering him on in each exercise, Officer Norman has already seen a drastic improvement in his health.

“Here I have people monitoring me, encouraging me, coaching me you know go that extra mile, on the bicycle pedal a little bit more,” Norman said. “I am a new person. I am a new Tommy Norman. Maybe don’t feel like I’m 18 but maybe in my 20s again.”

With each step, he said it won’t be long until he’s back behind the badge.

“When I graduate cardiac rehab, knowing that I completed that, that confidence will carry over into being a police officer,” Norman said.

Anyone who has any heart problem that requires medical care or surgery qualifies for cardiac rehab. If you are interested, just talk to your cardiologist or your primary doctor.