LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas mother is taking the next step to changing her life for her family.

The hope for any parent is to be at every sporting event, watch their child walk the stage.

“The kind of mom that I wanted to be. I want to be there for all the activities, see everything that’s in their future,” Mom of three Christina Evans said.

The future is what Evans was most worried about missing, especially because she was already taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. She was also on a sleeping machine. Then when she had a child diagnosed with autism, becoming the healthiest version of herself became even more important.

“I don’t know how independent he will be later on in life, so I needed to make a healthy change,” Evans said.

As an operating room nurse at Baptist Health, she’s seen bariatric surgeries firsthand and knows the surgeon performing them.

“She would ask me about it all the time, ‘would you think I need it?” and I was like ‘I don’t tell people you need anything,'” Baptist Health Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Trip Mishra said.

Dr. Mishra said it’s a lifetime commitment that he wanted to make sure Evans was ready for.

“After almost a year of us talking about the surgery she finally decided to go through the process,” Dr. Mishra said.

Now in the O.R. as a patient, Evans went under the knife on June 22nd.

“I’ve lost about 66 pounds since then,” Evans said.

Coming back for her checkups, the meds and sleep machine are gone too.

“I’m about four months out and I don’t need any of those things anymore,” Evans said.

As the weight continues to drop, she’s seeing a brighter future with her family.

“That’s pretty life-changing,” Evans said.