ROLAND, Ark.- You’re going to start seeing a new segment on KARK 4 Today.

We’re looking at all the things to do in the Natural State.

We want to show you things you can do with your friends, your dogs and your families.

We’re calling it Explore Arkansas.

For week one, we hit up a spot you might have heard of close by, Rattlesnake Ridge.

You can do just about everything there. It’s got a lot to offer.

“There’s really an experience for just about anybody out here,” says Mitchell Allen with the Nature Conservancy of Arkansas. “For families hiking or people walking dogs.”

The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas owns the land.

“We’ve got about six miles of trail on the entire preserve, a little over,” Allen says. “A lot of that just kind of wanders around the preserve. It’s open to mountain biking, too.”

If you’re looking for a more adrenaline-fueled activity.

“There’s a couple different rock climbing areas on the property,” Allen explains.

We grabbed a helmet, a harness and rope.

“It’s about anywhere between 35 and 50-foot rock wall,” says Allen.

“It’s got about 14, 15 routes on it,” explains Allen. “Some of them are easy and some of them are extremely difficult. It’s a really pretty spot on the preserve.”

Oh, the view. Pinnacle Mountain to the left, and miles of beauty.

If scaling rock face isn’t your thing, a little over a mile hike, and you’re at the top. It takes most people 30 to 45 minutes.

“It’s a pretty easy hiking trail, for the most part, to get to most places, but there are a couple steep spots to where there’s rock,” Allen says.

It’s a perfect place for solo hikers, couples, dog walkers and your kids.

“There’s so many families that come out here,” says Allen. “Little kids. I’ve been bringing my daughter out here since she was 3 or 4.”

The Nature Conservancy protects places you may find rare species and habitats. So if you’re wondering, that’s how Rattlesnake Ridge got its name.

“This land here does have a few rare species on it,” Allen explains. “It was one of the most Eastern known areas for the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.”

Allen has never seen one though. The rattlesnake dens were found decades ago, but they may still be around. Rattlesnake Ridge is home to some friendlier rare species.

“There’s a lizard called the Eastern Collard Lizard that was found up here, which is a really cool iguana-looking type liazrd and there’s also a couple rare desert ferns,” Allen says.

The parking lot doesn’t have much space.

“We kind of wanted to limit the amount of people on the place at any given time so that you have a better experience when you’re in the woods,” Allen says.

So grab the kids, the dogs and your hiking boots or climbing gear.

“We need more places like this,” Allen says. “More green spaces. People should really push for more places like this to enjoy.”