WORKING 4 YOU: Benton woman claims to be victim of a security company scam


BENTON, Ark. – When Ginny Lee looked at her outdoor security system, she could not help but get emotional.

“I’ve cried over this. It’s made me sick,” Lee said.

She was upset because she said the system she paid money for does not work. Lee said in October a sales rep and installer with a company called Alliance Security came to her door to sell her a security system. After thinking it over, she decided to sign a contract for the services and the equipment. The company installed a Ring doorbell, an Arlo camera and sensors inside her house. For the first three months she said everything was perfect. If the alarm went off, then the police were called, but then she claimed everything changed.

“One thing they didn’t tell me when I signed the contract was that it was only for a three week trial. I only had three days to cancel the contract,” Lee explained. “When I called them they said, ‘Well, we’re sorry. That was only a free trial, so you’re going to have to pay Ring doorbell and Arlo for their own services.'”

That would not have been an issue, but she said Alliance Security was still requiring her to pay $79.99 per month for the equipment. She went to the bank to stop the most recent payment, but then she said something else happened.

“This weekend they recharged my account under a completely totally different company name. To me, it’s fraud,” Lee said.

KARK read through the contract and did not see anything in it about this only being a trial, so we called Security Alliance to try to get answers for Lee.

“We are very sorry Mrs. Lee was under the impression her security monitoring service also included extended video storage with her Ring doorbell. Our records indicate her security system is active and monitored,” Alliance Security Chief Operating Officer Brian Fabiano said in a statement. “Our main concern is that Mrs Lee is properly trained to use her home security system and our customer service department will be reaching out to her to insure she is protecting her home and family with the system she has in her home.

According to the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office, it has received 12 consumer complaints against the Rhode Island based company. KARK also found on the Better Business Bureau website that in the past three years consumers across the country have filed 112 complaints against Alliance Security. The Federal Trade Commission has also taken legal action against Alliance Security for allegedly violating the commission’s telemarketing sales rule by calling people on the Do Not Call Registry, according to the FTC website.

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