KARK 4 News is continuing to shine the light on history makers from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. This week features the notable alumni: Isaac Scott Hathaway & Byron Vaughns.

Vice Chancellor George Cotton joined Arkansas Today to give the history of Hathaway and Vaughns.

Hathaway was an artist and educator known for creating more than 100 busts and masks of important Black leaders. He was the designer of the first two U.S. coins to feature Black Americans.

He offered the region’s first course at Branch Normal College, now known as UAPB. He went on to open and chair the Department of Ceramics at the college. His bust, created by his wife Umer Porter, is housed in the Hathaway/Howard Fine Arts Center at the university.

Vaughns has made a name for himself in the animation world. He may have had a hand in the development of your favorite cartoon from the 80’s and 90’s.

He has worked on well-known animations like Johnny Bravo and Tom & Jerry. Vaughns won an Emmy award for his work on the animated television show Tiny Toon Adventures.