BENTON, Ark.- From the crypts of Hell, to the neighbor’s house in Benton… A local family doesn’t mess around when it comes to Halloween and they’re going all-out.

“Every year, we decorate our yard as a cemetery and we have a bunch of different things like gargoyles, we have a witches brew and of course the big boy this year is the mausoleum,” said Sydney Stone, of life-like graveyard in their front yard.

The mother-daughter duo, Stone and Dr. Kathy Parnell, have spent a lot of time creating the elaborate show of scary decor, sounds and fog!

Stone says she’s a real Halloween enthusiast.

“I like the fact that people can be anything [in costume] and I like reading Edgar Allen Poe and I love doing stuff that normally wouldn’t be okay, like I love having gargoyles in my room…”

The family says they love to share the elaborate scare with others, and you can go check it out anytime- it’s in the 6000 block of Worth Avenue in Benton.

However, beware at night- the two dress-up and hide to jump out and scare passerbys.