LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two cousins have been serving up sweet treats to help those in Little Rock cool off, and after starting their business, it has grown so much they’re now going mobile.

Inside of the pink and turquoise shed, you can find Endia Sparks and Raeghan Coleman, two teenagers who started their own snow cone business.

Many families around Arch Street in Little Rock come to visit and enjoy a sweet treat in the heat.

This year, they are seeing even more customers, meaning they needed to expand the way they serve the community.

“There has been a lot more customers since last summer because we have started to post more and everything there has been more people,” co-owner, Endia Sparks said.

What started off as a snow cone stand just last year, now they have a mobile care so they can take it on wheels.

“We had saw it and we were like oh we can use that for our mobile events so you know we don’t just have to take things one by one,” co-owner, Raeghan Coleman said.

This mobile cart allows the girls to go to different businesses and church events to sell their product and grow their business.

Friday afternoon, they went to serve the kids at St. Mark Baptist Church for their summer youth camp.

Both girls said their dream is to own their own store front, but for now, they will keep chasing their dreams and try to keep expanding their company.

“Some people start from the bottom so just post and when people see the post they might come out and they will tell their other people so that you can start growing and growing even bigger,” Sparks said.

The girls said they have already been able to take their mobile cart to three events in the community and they have quite a few left before summer is over.