LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Texas family with Arkansas ties reunited with their long-lost furry friend who went missing three years ago.

The reunion, taking place in Little Rock, was all caught on camera.

Walking into the hallway of the Little Rock Animal Village, the Smith family is filled with excitement and gasps as their dog, Jill, peaked through the cage door. She recognized her family they said, and she knew she was finally going back home.

“We saw her, and it was her and her tail wagged when we said hi momma, hi Jill, it was like yes,” father of the Smith family, Rex Smith said.

“She remembers her name,” mother, Brittnee Smith said.

The family said their dogs Jack and Jill disappeared out of their Little Rock backyard one day three summers ago.

“Their mysterious disappearance sent us into a state of shock that we were just completely at a loss and so it was devastating to us,” Rex Smith said.

After every effort to bring them back home, they had to move to Texas in 2021, but all thanks to a microchip, the sound of barking gets to fill their home again.

“We were so ecstatic, like we got off of work, actually we clocked out early, like we are getting on the road we didn’t pack anything like we literally hopped in our vehicles and zoomed to Little Rock,” Brittnee Smith said.

As their daughter, London, got to ring the victory bell to take Jill back home with them, they are still asking the public to be on the lookout for their other dog still out there, Jack.

“Jill was reconnected with us, it does bring a sense of hope that we are going to be able to one day have Jack back in the home with us and so we look forward to that time,” Rex Smith said.

The family said they’re extremely grateful they decided to microchip their dog and they encourage all pet owners to do it.