SHERWOOD, Ark. – After a tornado tore through the Natural State on March 31, many Arkansans were left without shelter, including 6-week-old Rosie Mae.

Rosie, a raccoon, was separated from her mother after the tornado but managed to find a new family, just one of a different species.

Allie Brown-Zakrzewski and her family, as well as her cat Momma Cat and her two babies Baby and Turbo, have been assisting in caring for Rosie.

Brown-Zakrzewski said she wasn’t sure how to help after the tornadoes.

“Come to find out, I didn’t need to do anything for anybody. Rosie needed me,” Brown-Zakrzewski said.

The family is planning keeping Rosie. They are currently working weaning her off Momma Cat and getting her onto solid foods including bananas.

Rosie is also working on training with a litter box.