MAUMELLE, Ark. – Don’t blink or you might miss Maumelle junior Jah Whyte.

Whyte is not only qualified for the Arkansas State Championships, but also broke the central conference record for the mile and 800 meters.

“In the 1600 I ran a 4:37 and in the 800 I ran a 02:01:56,” Whyte explained.

However, the way Jah and his team train is a lot different compared to most schools.

Jah did all his training in a parking lot because his school doesn’t have a track.

“We just have to visualize all that stuff. Make a mark here. There’s the zone, take your steps. You know.” Maumelle track and field Head Coach Kent Chambers said. “”Ehhh… it’s doable.”

So far, doable is working just fine, but some parents are getting impatient.

“Come to find out this has been going on for over a decade.,” Jah’s father, Melake Whyte said. “That the school has been built and still yet to provide these students with facilities and even access to resources of facilities.”

“It’s a little disappointing.” Jah continued.

But things appear to be changing for the better. Maumelle plans on building its track and field facilities, but when that will happen no one is sure.

“Everything has been passed I do believe through the boards and all. They’ve surveyed the land out here behind us. It’s in the works,” Chambers explains. “Hopefully we’ll have it ready before next season.”

Despite the setbacks and lack of facilities, the student-athletes are on the right track with 10 different Hornets qualifying for State Championships.

“It’s just the will and determination of the team. The team really is a family. Even the coaches as well.” Jah said.