BRYANT, Ark. – Luke Bryan wakes up Jordyn Strong after she fell asleep on a bench inside of his bar after his concert at the Country Music Awards (CMA) Fest last weekend.

Strong said she began last weekend at the gym. “I coached [Friday] morning at the 5 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. and we pretty much left right after we got done,” said Strong. Then she and her friends drove five hours to Nashville.

Strong said on Saturday, she and her friends, woke up and went to work out at the Orange Theory in Nashville. By the time they had attended all of the concerts, she was exhausted. “Keep in mind…I had probably about eight hours of sleep over a 48-hour period,” said Strong.

While at her favorite country superstars bar, she fell asleep on a bench outside of the bathroom while waiting for her friends. “I wasn’t just like asleep. It’s not like… oh my gosh a girl fell asleep at his bar. Like, I literally would’ve done that anywhere. I was just tired,” said Strong.

Then Strong was woken up by Luke Bryan himself. “I remember hearing some commotion around me… and everybody’s like “look, look who’s next to you”. It takes me a minute to come too and then I am sitting there and I’m like oh my gosh… and then I like, freak out,” said Strong.

Right after he woke her up, she said Luke sprinted away. Strong upset that he didn’t stay to talk to her. “How come you woke me up from a good sleep and then ran away from me… like what in the world,” said Strong.

The video now has around eighty-four thousand likes, and Strong said she had about one-hundred follow requests on Instagram. “Everybody’s blowing up my phone at that point. Like, have you seen Luke Bryan’s video? Have you seen Luke Bryan’s video? Tagging me, tagging me. So I have a million people tagging me on Tik Tok and Instagram and all of the platforms that it was on,” said Strong.

Strong said her goal now, is to have him come to one of her fitness classes when he comes to Little Rock in October for his concert.

“While he’s singing we will make him do some curls, maybe some squats,” said Strong.