NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The sun rises on a new school year at Harris Elementary School. As the wheels turn and the door opens, students are greeted by a familiar face.

Every morning like clockwork, Mr. Jessie Watson is here to help with drop off, walk kids into class and being the hype man around campus.

And that’s all two hours before his shift even starts. His job as a custodian begins once the bell rings.

“Mr. Watson is wonderful. He is a jack of all trades,” Harris elementary principal Erikka Johnson said.

Principal Johnson said that Mr. Watson will make his rounds every morning.

“He’ll stop by the classrooms, and he’ll check on the teachers to see what they need. He’s always in the office to check on us to see what we need,” Johnson said.

If he finds a problem, he will jump in to fix it.

“It feels real good to know people can count on me,” Watson said.

But for Mr. Watson, it’s not just about being reliable.

“For the kids, to help the kids. That’s what I’m here for,” Watson said.

He wants to make an impact on every student he comes across.

“Because it takes a village to raise children,” he said. “One person can’t do it by themselves, a teacher can’t do it by herself. Everybody in this building is an educator.”

From pick up and drop off, to repairing a desk and everything in between, Mr. Watson is not only the person that keeps Harris Elementary running, but he also brings a smile to students, teachers and administrators day after day.

“It’s because of his heart. He loves the kids, he loves the staff and he loves to volunteer.”

Mr. Watson also cooks for staff before the school year and after as a thank you for all they do.