GRAVETTE, Ark. – Teachers and staff in the Gravette School District got a special treat this week with the boys’ basketball team giving them free car washes.

It was a gesture to show their appreciation to teachers for their dedication.

Theater Arts teacher Justin Garton says not only does this help staff; but it also provides a valuable lesson for students.

“Something like this helps build character more than just learning in a textbook, so it’s really great to see our students participating in something like this” said Garton.

“We did this, this year because teachers are coming a week early,” Basketball Coach Seth Duke said. “They’re in here working hard before the students get here so we wanted to give them a treat before they got back to school so they can know we appreciate what they’re doing and doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Duke says he was glad to be a part of helping make sure all teachers were appreciated.