POTTSVILLE, Ark. – A Pottsville police officer has received a top honor from federal officials for his heroic efforts that saved a young life.

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland awarded Officer Cody Hubbard with the Distinguished Service in Community Policing Award.

Last summer, the rookie officer was called out to a baby that was choking. As a father himself, he prayed on the way to the call that he could help.

His quick actions saved Baby Grady’s life, leaving the infant’s family forever grateful.

Hubbard said the lord was on his side in helping save the child’s life.

“I’m speechless. This is a lot to take in for a small-town kid from Atkins,” he said after getting the recognition.

Pottsville Police Department Chief Joseph Paterak said the honor was big for the area, and US Attorney Jonathan Ross noted it was clear that Hubbard had called for special backup.

“It stands out to me that en route to the scene you knew you needed additional help. You prayed and asked God to help you,” Ross said. “From watching your body cam footage, you didn’t present as stressed. You presented as calm amongst the storm. You brought these live-saving measures and saved Baby Grady.”

Hubbard was one of 18 officers across the country to receive the prestigious award.