Good News Matters: Mrs. Arkansas International turns tragedy into triumph with help of Mamie’s Poppy Plates

Good News Matters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas organization is helping grieving parents around the country by giving parents who lose a child something to hold onto.

One Arkansas woman is making a difference for so many. On Saturday, Brooke Holcomb will hand over her title of Mrs. Arkansas International.

In the past year, she has represented Arkansas and helped so many sharing her platform, but it was also a year she experienced grief.

“We’ll also be sharing our message of what we went through and how people can get involved with Mamie’s Poppy Plates,” Holcomb said.

During her reign, Brooke and her husband, Matt, were thrilled to learn they were pregnant with a baby boy, but the joy would turn to sadness.

“I had an ongoing battle with COVID-19,” Holcomb recalled. “I was on my last day with quarantine and we were rushed to the hospital.”

They lost their son, Myles. That is an unimaginable loss for any parent, but she’s taking tragedy and turning it into triumph by sharing the impact that Mamie Poppy Plates makes for grieving parents.

“They took his handprints and footprints and all of his birth information,” Holcomb said. “It meant so much to have something physical to show our families and have displayed.”

Mamie’s gives parents a memory of their baby with handprints, footprints and the baby’s name. They provide it for free to 79 hospitals in the country.

The company has provided thousands of plates to parents over the years through donations and volunteers.

You can help them by being a part of an event they have coming up in June to raise money. If you would like to donate or help with the fundraiser, visit Mamie’s Poppy Plates website.

In the meantime, Holcomb and her husband will continue making a difference by honoring and remembering their son by helping Mamie’s Poppy Plates and sharing the impact a plate can have.

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