Good News Matters: Local chef takes skills to Lake Charles

Good News Matters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — For tens of thousands of people in Louisiana dealing with the devastation from hurricane Laura has been day-to-day, but an Arkansas chef, along with World Central Kitchen has been in Lake Charles helping and feeding so many.

Executive chef Scott McGhee with Yellow Rocket Concepts is known for his popular dining spots, Local Lime, Big Orange, and Lost Forty to name a few, but he’s also big on philanthropy and giving back, he just returned from Lake Charles, Louisiana cooking for those devastated by hurricane Laura   

“Tens of thousands of people that are displaced, they’re immediately hungry and thirsty,” said Scott McGehee, Yellow Rocket Concepts.

Serving with World Central Kitchen, McGhee worked fourteen to seventeen hours a day.  

“DAY ONE we’re cooking for 2-4,000 people and handing out water and hot meals – day two, 7,000 day 3, it’s 10,000,” Scott McGehee, Yellow Rocket Concepts

With so many without homes, power, and food he brought his world class cooking to those in need.

“There were people coming up getting food from everywhere, they were sunburned, they were with kids, they were homeless,” said Scott McGehee.

“Handing these people a hot meal, cold water, cold fruit, and seeing the distress in their eyes and hearts go away is an incredible feeling. It’s something I really enjoy being a part of,” said Scott McGehee

World central kitchen has served twenty five million meals to those in need.

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