Good News Matters: Goodness Village giving those that are ill a safe haven

Good News Matters

Many families who are dealing with sickness and have to travel to Little Rock for treatment also have the burden of the expense of finding a place to stay. That’s where the Goodness Village steps in. It’s a non-profit in Little Rock that offers to house patients that feel at home.

“I like to call this program a haven away from home,” Misty Day who stayed in the Goodness Village said.

When Misty Day was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, she was devastated to have to leave her family in Oklahoma to come to Little Rock for treatment. Her kids were just three and eight years old at the time.  

“When you come to a new city and you’ve just had a diagnosis, you are overwhelmed and you are scared and you are away from your home. We all know when you’re sick, you want to be at home,” Day said.

Her treatments took four to six weeks. It was a difficult time but she found comfort in the Goodness Village.

“We don’t just provide an apartment. We provide love, hope and encouragement along the way,” Kim Burkett, Director of the Goodness said.

The program was created 25 years ago to provide affordable, safe and clean housing for patients and their families who travel to Little Rock for treatment. Their goal is to make it feel like home. They have become like family to many patients over the years.   

“Just to see people come into remission and to see NICU families who are able to go home with their families, there are so many ways that we’ve been able to minister to these people in a meaningful way,” Burkett said.

Misty Day says The Goodness Village was a game changer for her when she needed it most.

“Coming to a place that provides something as close to home that they’re going to get. And it’s out of the goodness of their hearts. It means everything,” Day said.

The Goodness Village is now open to every hospital in Little Rock. They’re hoping the community can help support their cause. You can sponsor an apartment or a family, provide meals or even have your family make homemade cards for patients. If you would like to help, you can find more info here (


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