Good News Matters: Former Razorback David Bazzel loves giving back to his state

Good News Matters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — David Bazzel may be one of the most recognizable names in Arkansas, a former Razorback who loves to give back to his state.

“It’s fun – the Bible talks about it’s much better to give than to receive – and so for me I’ve been blessed. It’s been great to be able to honor others” says Bazzel.

He created the Broyles award now going on 25 years, and the Touchdown Club, which brings in big names from all over the country, he works hard to put Arkansas on the map, as well as doing his full time job at 103.7 The Buzz.

“It’s a grind. I think all of the football I played taught me a lot of discipline and taught me to grind and work hard,” says Bazzel.

For David, it’s all about giving recognition to those who deserve it, and putting Arkansas in the spotlight.

“One of the things I love is to represent the people of Arkansas. You can go anywhere – I’ve been all over, and the nicest people in the world are here.” says Bazzel.

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