Good News Matters: Central students score perfect on ACT

Good News Matters

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Five Central High School students in Little Rock achieved a perfect score on the ACT. The students at Central now have a bond of achieving something extraordinary.

“I feel like I’m part of a competitive and academic community. I find joy in being part of this community,” Joseph Park said.

Several of them received the news amidst the quarantine. They say usually the scores are received through email or see the score online. But this time they came in letters in the mail.

“We were all super shocked,” Samuel Lu said.

“I was very shocked actually,” Deniz Erdag said.

Their hard work and studying paid off and they all thank Central High for academic success.
“It proves our school is academically competitive and we’re getting the best education in the area,” Kate Jackson said.

These students all have big futures ahead.

“I want to pursue a chemistry major,” Kate said.

“I’m going to be pursuing education and a career in that field,” Samuel said.
“Biochemistry and then pre-med and medical school,” Joseph said.

“I want to major in physics or electrical engineering and then pursue a career in astrophysics research,” Deniz said.

Their advice to students as they take the big test?

“Practice, practice, practice. Take practice tests,” Joseph said.

“Practice. Take practice tests over and over,” Kate said.

These students prove in this case, practice truly made perfect.  

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