An Arkansas girl is making big waves in Hollywood. She’s walked the Red Carpet during the Golden Globes and she will soon be on the big screen at a theater near you.

If you see the feature film “Charming the Hearts of Men” on the big screen this fall, you will see an Arkansas girl on the big screen.

“Everyone in the cast was amazing. They were so sweet,” Hendrix Yancey said.

9-year-old Hendrix Yancey plays the daughter of one of the main characters.

“It’s about women’s rights and fighting for independence,” Hendrix Yancey said.

Hendrix spent months in Atlanta filming, with stars such as Kelsey Grammer and Sean Astin.

“It was awesome. I got to meet so many new people,” Hendrix said.

This is just one of many big roles for this Arkansas actress, including Unbelievable on Netflix and the film Dweller that premieres in theaters later this year. She also has another big project she’s been working on. It’s something so big she made a big change to become her character.

“I look a little different now than I did in the movie. I shaved my head for an awesome project I can’t wait to tell you all about,” Hendrix said.

For Hendrix’s mom Timie, this has all been a dream.  

“It’s proof she’s doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Just one month into her journey, she booked her first series as a 5-year-old,” Timie Yancey said.

Timie says although it’s been a lot of work and sacrifice, it has been a fairy tale.

“It’s been surreal, and it solidifies that my husband and I are helping her do what she’s meant to do,” Timie said. We can expect to see big things from Hendrix on both the big and small screen in the future. You can follow her acting journey on Instagram.