ENOLA, Ark. – The Faulkner County community gave a final send-off to a man who’s served his community for 50 years.

A retirement celebration was held Wednesday night for the former Enola Fire Department Chief James Chance.

Lawmakers, state officials, the Faulkner County judge and MEMS were all on hand to honor 78-year-old Chance.

“I’m real thankful for all of them. Our whole community has backed our fire department for years ever since we started and they still do,” Chance said. “I’d like to say I’m real grateful and thankful for the help that they’ve all been and for backing our department.

Prior to Chance starting his career at age 18, Enola had never had a fire department or people to staff it.

Chance wrapped up the night with the passing of the helmet, to make way for new leadership.