CONWAY, Ark. – Eleven-year-old Savannah Bradford from Conway is inspiring others to share their story after writing a book about the challenges she has faced with autism.

Bradford said that writing and drawing her story helped her cope with what she’s gone through.

“I want to write that book to tell people about my story and how it can change the way you see it,” Bradford said.

Her book is titled “The Aurora Story” and is told through the eyes of her lifelong furry best friend and details the challenges she faced as a child with autism.

“Whenever I was getting bullied, it made me feel really sad at first, but then overcoming that, it was a big part of my life,” Bradford said.

Bradford has been drawing her whole life. Getting the chance to showcase her talents made her nervous at first, but then she realized how sharing would help her through future trials.

“It was really hard writing it because just all the memories and everything, when I came to the finish it was a relief to get it out and to tell other people about it,” Bradford said.

Bradford said she hopes her story will impact others and encourage them to share their own.

“People’s stories can sometimes be hard, but sometimes beautiful, and I just want to tell people that it’s okay if your story is hard, it can help other people to understand about it,” Bradford said.

The book will be available to purchase soon. Bradford said she just hopes her book will spread the message of “it’s okay to be different.”