DANVILLE, Ark – A photographer in Central Arkansas is working to bring light to a dark situation after Danville football cancels its season.

The team announced last week they would have to cancel the rest of their season due to a lack of players.

“There was a lot of stuff we had to fight through, we had a lot of injuries, a lot of concussions and everything,” said Danville senior Chase Matheson.

Without extra players to fill spots, coaches said they didn’t have a choice, a final play for five seniors on the team.

“All of us were heartbroken,” said Danville senior Alex Grant.

Just as the lights were about to go dim on the field, a flash of light peaked through the shadows.

“I just figured it wouldn’t take but a few minutes to do a few pictures of everybody,” said photographer Jennifer Helms.

Helms is giving up her own time to capture the final memories of the season for seniors on the team.

Helms says she is taking senior pictures of the players in their uniform and she’s doing it for free.

“I’ve had times in my life where things didn’t work out like I wanted and I’ve always kind of had people around to lift me up and kind of rally me on and I just thought this will lift them up a bit,” said Helms.

“For someone to step up and say hey I know that this terrible thing has happened, you know let me make it better, it really warms my heart,” said Danville Football Head Coach Cody Hamlin.

The team says it’s been a light at the end of a lost season. Players are getting to put on the uniform one last time, for a chance in the spotlight.

“It was a small team, but we fought blood and tears every step of the way and it was worth it,” said Grant.

Helms is photographing every senior in the football program including cheerleaders and team managers.