ARKANSAS – Sometimes being a broke college student can have its perks, and in the age of social media, word of mouth can take you a long way.

That’s the case for one University of Arkansas student who is trying to make his way to the sweet sixteen to cheer on the hogs.

“It’s crazy it’s a dream come true for me just because of how big of a sports fan I am and how big of an Arkansas fan I am,” student Josh Teeter said.

University of Arkansas student, Josh Teeter, is a sports journalism major and has quite a big following on social media.

Once the Hogs made it to the sweet sixteen in Las Vegas, his goals were to get there too.

So, he made a post on Twitter asking for help.

“I wake up, I roll over, do it. I roll back over and I’m like huh, I wonder if anyone has reached out, and I see that Bobby Bones has tweeted at me,” Teeter said.

Yes…the Arkansan and radio personality, Bobby Bones.

“I know he is a die-heart fan, so I was just like hey dude I will send you some money, what is your Venmo? That was it and I sent him a few hundred bucks and I thought that would be the end of it,” radio Bones said.

It started a ripple effect, which turned into a flood of interactions.

Six Arkansas businesses tapped in to fully fund Josh’s trip.

“I can have fun and with this money, I don’t have to worry about, hey I don’t have enough money to be able to afford to do this. I don’t have enough money to pay rent when I get home because I decided to go to Vegas,” stated Teeter.

“I’m not changing his life by buying him a house or anything, I’m not yelling, move that bus, and that was never the intention, it was if this dude loves whatever so much, and I can help, I definitely want to do it,” Bones Stated “It just would’ve been nice if someone would’ve done that for me, so I’m trying to do as much, let’s cheer the Razorbacks onto victory and let’s hope Muss takes his shirt off. if he doesn’t, I will.”

Bobby Bones’ generosity has now sparked a vision for Josh Teeter to continue to give back to the community.

One of Bone’s mottos is “if you can…do!” so that’s what he’s living by, helping one Hog fan to another since he can, do.