BEEBE, Ark. – When you think of Lamborghini’s, luxury and speeding on the open roads of freedom likely come to mind.

But for one Beebe couple, their new Lambo will be used for good.

The 2013 Lamborghini brand new was about $200,000. But the Beebe couple, Alan and Hannah Goss, snagged it up for just $35,000. Their plans for the exotic car though, are priceless.

MEMS EMT Alan Goss loves exotic cars.

“It’s not every day you see a car like this, especially in Arkansas,” Alan said.

When he saw a video submission contest on YouTube to win an impounded $35,000 Lamborghini, he wanted in.

“I initially kind of thought Alan was a little crazy wanting to do it,” Alan’s wife, Hannah said.

“We entered and here we are,” Alan said. “There was over 18,000 votes and, in the end, everyone really liked our video.”

The pitch that won people over is turning this luxury Italian exotic into the “Lambulance.”

“Which is a Lamborghini ambulance,” Alan said. “We’re actually going to have the car wrapped in a theme of the ambulance.”

The couple is combining Alan’s career as an EMT with Hannah’s, who works with children with special needs.

Their plan is to use the Lambo for good.

“We’d really like to be able to go to some hospitals and things like that and let the kids see the car there,” Alan said.

“To even get to show them, to bring that smile to their face is really the whole reason behind what we’re doing,” Hannah said.

“What those kids have to go through and what their families go through, a lot of people don’t understand how hard it is,” Alan added.

And what you can’t know just by looking at the car is its nefarious past. It was a rental that was stolen then driven by a drug dealer who eventually got caught.

That was stolen…

It was impounded in Virginia and was just waiting on a new chapter until it found Alan and Hannah.

“We want to take it now and use it for good and just making a difference in peoples’ lives and that’s what we’re most excited for is kind of changing the history of the car and making it a good thing,” Hannah said.

A symbol of wealth and prestige with plans now to make memories for kids that no money can buy.

Alan and Hannah plan to have the “Lambulance” wrapped soon. They don’t want to give away the design just yet, but it’ll look very much like a MEMS ambulance you see driving around the metro.

You can follow the “Lambulance” journey on Instagram and YouTube.