LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Central Arkansas veterans were invited to a community picnic Saturday morning in downtown Little Rock.

In addition to the food, veterans received information about everything from services and benefits, assistance with disabilities and transportation.

Each year many veterans miss out on thousands of dollars of services they don’t realize are available for them.

Pulaski County Veterans Service Officer Al Harkins said that the event is aimed at veterans who have never filed for disability.

“Sometimes we find people that have never filed for disability but need to,” Harkins said. “So that’s what this is about let them know that we’re here.”

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21 vendors took part in Saturday’s picnic including Disabled Americans Veterans Association, Veteran’s Day Treatment Center, CareLink, Veterans of Foreign Wars and Humana.

For more information about the Pulaski County Veteran Services, contact County Veteran Services at 501-650-0311.