BATESVILLE, Ark. – A Batesville native and World War II veteran is passing a milestone that very few can claim.

Lloyd Gathright is celebrating his 105th birthday Tuesday.

Gathright began his career in the military when he signed up for the U.S. Army through the Arkansas National Guard. He trained at Camp Robinson and then was deployed. 

He has been deployed all over the country during his time of active service, but when he wasn’t on the frontline doing his duty as Sargent, he enjoyed playing in the U.S. Army band.

Gathright also kept up with Batesville, and Arkansas history while he was away. He retired in 1965, after twenty-two years in service. 

He just stopped driving in 2021 and drove a motorcycle until he was 93 years old.

Gathright currently spends his days with his nose in a good book, preferably something about local or state history, or a John Grisham novel.

For a man of 105, he is very healthy and has only a few issues with his hearing, and balance. His niece, Paula Stewart, says he can read a book faster than she can, and says he’s still sharp as a tack.  

When asking him the secret to life, he says there isn’t one, just “get along with people, and yourself”.