VILONIA, Ark. – A central Arkansas Airbnb is one of 100 worldwide that will split a $10 million prize for a unique overnight stay facility.

A former Titan II Nuclear Missile Complex was converted into an Airbnb in 2020 after remodeling for ten years.

The OMG! Fund contest, which was sponsored by the popular short-term homestay and experience company, received thousands of applicants. GT Hill, owner of Titan Ranch, said it was “quite humbling”. 

The money given to Hill will be used to finish the missing piece of the silo, but instead of it being filled with rocket fuel – it’ll be filled with beds and bathrooms. 

“We’re using the money to build a full-size replica Titan II nuclear missile,” he said. “People will be able to stay in that hopefully August of 2023.” 

This Airbnb is more than a hotel, it’s an experience. Something Hill said is the new trend. 

For more information on this facility or to book your T – 10 seconds experience visit their website at