LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Let’s assume a cheeseburger is the best use for a cow.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s add that National Cheeseburger Day is a thing worth celebrating. And what better way to celebrate than finding out the top ten highest-rated cheeseburgers rated on Yelp?

Adding cheese to a hamburger became popular in the 1920s, although several competing claims out there about who was the first to drop a slab of cheese on a grilling ‘burger. The most popular version is 16-year-old Lionel Sternburger, who added cheese to a burger he was grilling at his father’s Pasadena, California restaurant in 1924.

Here’s a quick rundown of top-rated restaurants:

10 – David’s Burgers, throughout central Arkansas

Great ‘burgers, reviewers write, and great and fast service in a retro-style restaurant.

9 – The Burger Shack, 107 S. Market St., Benton

Drive-in, dine-in or curbside pickup for this Benton landmark. Despite the name, they have more than burgers, but it being National Cheeseburger Day it only seems logical to go with that.

8 – The Salem Dairy Bar, 6406 Congo Rd., Benton

In the great dairy bar tradition the menu runs past cheeseburgers, but the reviews all center on the quality of ‘burger offerings. Get a shake while you’re at it at what one reviewer called a “mom-and-pop walk-up burger joint.”

7 – Bailey’s Dairy Treat, 524 Park Ave., Hot Springs

A family-owned walk-up-window dairy bar in the historic part of town. The cheeseburgers get great reviews, as does the rest of the menu and the old-school kitschy building.

6 – Bennett’s Casual Dining, 2001 E. Keihl Ave., Sherwood

Great staff and great food with special mentions for the cheeseburgers, with one reviewer calling the fare “very modern meets farmhouse style.” Pictures show a modern restaurant setting.

5 – Kibb’s GRAND Bar B Que, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Stuggart

Granted, barbecue is part of the name, but the cheeseburgers get some solid reviews.

4 – CK’s (Keeny’s Food Market), 101 W. Mill St., Malvern

“In the back of a mom-and-pop convenience store are some tables,” one review begins as other reviewers chime in about the great food. It’s in Keeney’s Grocery Store with a large menu, but cheeseburgers are consistently right there in the middle of it. It was inducted into the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame in 2019.

3 – Franks, 2511 McCain Blvd., North Little Rock

With a name like Franks you know they sell hot dogs, but the cheeseburgers also get top reviews with a positive mention of the homemade taste from one reviewer. It advertises itself as “The best burgers on McCain,” so there you are.

2 – Jimmy Ray’s, 10815 Macarthur Dr., North Little Rock

It’s a bar, with offerings including pool, karaoke, dancing and cold beer along with cheeseburgers. Every reviewer talks about having a good time there, and the menu shows an all-beef steakburger.

1 – Ye Paul’s Soul Bodega & Grill, 4424 Frazier Pike, Ste. D, Little Rock

A “no frills establishment close to the Little Rock airport,” from one reviewer, who goes on to talk about the quality of the offerings. “Awesome burgers,” was a second review with lots along the same lines.

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